Wednesday, September 11, 2013

this is a Prima dolls stamp by Julie Nutting that I paper pieced with a beautiful shimmery teal paper by TPC and then I went over the stamped detail lines with a simple black colored pencil, smudging the lines just a wee bit for some added interest and the illusion of texture.  I then added some little sparklies I picked up in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby to her dress and the punched butterflies.  Hope you like!

Oh, and as the now famous camel says "It's Huuuummmmmppp Dayyyyy"!!!!!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ok, going to give this blogging thing a real GO!

I'm going to give this blogging thing a serious try, yes I AM!  You know why? Well, for one thing, I can blog or babble and ramble and it's like theraputic or something.  Wait, did I spell that correctly? Err?  And another thing, it's probably quicker than making a YT video because sometimes it's easier to post a pic and do a quick babble and move on to like ice cream or a big coffee, right? Right!

Sooooo, I love Dollar Tree!  I bought like ten little birdhouses from Dollar Tree back when I still had my figure and didn't do too much with them.  I love butterlies and found these glittered butterflies at the Dollar Tree I think last year or the year before.  Again, another craft item,  I did nothing with.  So, I got them out and started slapping acrylic paint on both the butterfly and the birdhouse.  What do you think?  I'm not sure where this project is going but here ya go!

Thanks and have a super safe and fun holiday weekend, remember be nice to the girls and guys at Walmart cuz one of them may be ME!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Monday! It's Minion Monday in case you didn't know!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello World!

I'm trying to get better with my blogging.  While I've had a trying few weeks at work, I'm still trying to look for the good in every single day because there is something good out there, right?  Today, feast your eyes on this glorious eye candy.  I took these pics on my iPhone about two weeks ago and finally figured out how to upload them and save them! Yay! say it again, Yay!!!! Woot woot!  If you like these pics, please leave a comment, I like to "hear" from blogland.  I think they are beautiful and at a time when things aren't always going the way you plan or want, look at these pics and know that God is good and that there is good out there.  Now, off my soapbox, off to watch cartoons with the Munchkin Baby from Mars!  That would be my little "mini me" for those of you who haven't heard of her.  Thanks for stopping by, peace and keep imagining.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Angie Girls stamp

Hi BlogWorld!

This is a tag I created a little while ago using Unity Stamp Co. Angie Girls stamp, Prima Almanac papers, a Jenni Bowlin punch(Jester) and an Inkssentials tag. Oh, I paper pieced her, well you can see that, right!!   Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello World!

I don't know if anyone even reads or visits this blog but here goes!  So I've been spending the last year on YouTube watching videos and doing various arts and crafts and SHOPPING!  Anyways, YT is a little bit like high school, there are a lot of cliques and a lot of exclusion on one hand, yet there are many people who are open, honest and friendly too.  It's very confusing at times I must say.  For instance, I have approximately 335 followers and I recently hosted a challenge with a small giveaway prize.  I only had three participants(thank you very much ladies, I appreciate YOU), yet another YTuber did almost the same exact challenge a month after mine and had like one hundred participants!  She basically used the same "challenge" as I did and many of the same subscribers participated in her challenge but "forgot" about mine.  Now, I'm a big girl but I ADMIT this hurt my feelings!!! Wow.  Another time, I did an artsy project that I saw/got inspired from Pinterest, posted a YT video, had a lot of hits and some great feedback.  Then another YTuber and another YTuber took the same project idea and went a little different with it but it's the same concept so to speak and they are considered the bee's knees and divas of inspiration!!! I don't get it, confusion has set in or maybe I just don't even need to talk about how SOME people are in the art/craft/creative community.

So the point of this? I'm not sure there is one but I figure might as well get it out there, release this mess and move on!  I will hopefully post some pics of some cool thriftin finds and a few artsy projects as soon as I learn how to upload from my iphone to blogger.

Oh, I'm thinking about the people in OK and TX, hopefully this world gained some more angels to watch over us.