Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello World!

I don't know if anyone even reads or visits this blog but here goes!  So I've been spending the last year on YouTube watching videos and doing various arts and crafts and SHOPPING!  Anyways, YT is a little bit like high school, there are a lot of cliques and a lot of exclusion on one hand, yet there are many people who are open, honest and friendly too.  It's very confusing at times I must say.  For instance, I have approximately 335 followers and I recently hosted a challenge with a small giveaway prize.  I only had three participants(thank you very much ladies, I appreciate YOU), yet another YTuber did almost the same exact challenge a month after mine and had like one hundred participants!  She basically used the same "challenge" as I did and many of the same subscribers participated in her challenge but "forgot" about mine.  Now, I'm a big girl but I ADMIT this hurt my feelings!!! Wow.  Another time, I did an artsy project that I saw/got inspired from Pinterest, posted a YT video, had a lot of hits and some great feedback.  Then another YTuber and another YTuber took the same project idea and went a little different with it but it's the same concept so to speak and they are considered the bee's knees and divas of inspiration!!! I don't get it, confusion has set in or maybe I just don't even need to talk about how SOME people are in the art/craft/creative community.

So the point of this? I'm not sure there is one but I figure might as well get it out there, release this mess and move on!  I will hopefully post some pics of some cool thriftin finds and a few artsy projects as soon as I learn how to upload from my iphone to blogger.

Oh, I'm thinking about the people in OK and TX, hopefully this world gained some more angels to watch over us.


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