Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Funky Fairy For Miriam's Crafting Supplies


I'm back again with a little project for the August Challenge over at or better known as Miriam's Crafting Supplies.  This month our challenge is to use our DT package goodies with the theme of fairy/fantasy.

You know I love dressforms, did I tell you I love dressforms?  I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to them along with crowns and corsets.  This month's DT pkg has this tiny crown in it, eek!


Cute, huh? Yes, it is, I'm kinda hording it.  Anyways, so on to my August Challenge entry, you really need to try out the challenges, you can win a prize and besides, you use up stuff you may have been hoarding. 

I made this Funky Fairy using a Michael's dollar bin lady form as my main character.  The round wood base can easily be found at most craft stores for a dollar or less.  First I painted her in antique gold craft paint, then I spackled or speckled white, black and robin's egg blue acrylic paint all over her.  I started that process using a brush.  It was'nt bad but it was'nt ME, so I just used my fingers and finger painted all over her.  For the wood base, I used both a brush and my fingers.  Obviously, I let her dry before adding my elements and texture.  For texture I tore some cheesecloth and adhered that with light gel medium.  Then I went in with Miriam's Craft Supplies metal embellishments.  I gave a corner piece a faux patina with gold and robin's egg paints, then slightly bent it to fit her lower hip area, adhered with E6000.  Do be careful when using adhesives, make sure you have lots of ventilation.

I painted two of  Miriam's leaves with the same paint combos, leaving out the gold this time.   Originially, I was going to just adhere the leaves to use as her wings but then had an epiphany and added a corner piece first.  This gives her wings/leaves a base that is a bit sturdier.  I added a flower of my choice.  I'd love to tell you which brand flower, but I'm a flower nut and get them from all over the place.  If you notice her head/neck area has a fashioned "crown" piece which again one of the metal corner embellishments from Miriam's store.  I continued my own thing decorating her to my liking, adding this or that.  The little beady type things are DewDrops, got them from a lady on FaceBook.  I also used Miriam's little acrylic crystal drops on the wood base, gives her a little something blingy but not quite.

Did I mention I was going for a funky distressed aged statue kind of look for my Funky Fairy?  How did I do?


paper mache dressform
wood base
acrylic paints
assorted flowers



  1. Girl.. just love your work.. subscribed to your blog too!! This is so excellant.. Do I see a USTREAM or a YT in your future??? lolol Love it.. Gonna need to walk me through a few!!

  2. Love the pictures of the back she looks just as delightful Love the wings the white flowers and the tiny dew drops are so pretty. Glad I came over from facebook to take a closer look love it..
    Sandy :)